The Iconic Mint Julep

mint julep, kentucky derby
Summer & the South are a perfect combination for this perfect Bourbon Cocktail - The Mint Julep. Last year we served this southern specialty at our wedding in Louisiana and this weekend many will be thrown back at the Kentucky Derby.

On a hot summer day in the South, instant relief comes in the form of ice, mint, sugar and bourbon.
Even those who find bourbon to harsh, these go down like Kool-Aid - so be careful if you are in heels.
Photo Finish, Derby Style
What you will need for a Mint Julep:   2 cups sugar // 2 cups water // Sprigs of Fresh Mint // Crushed Ice // Kentucky Whisky // Silver Julep Cups

How to make it: Boil water and sugar into a simple syrup for 5 minutes // Place 6 sprigs of mint in mixture and refrigerate overnight // Fill cup with ice, add 1 tablespoon mint syrup, 2 ounces bourbon // Sip.