Outfit Ideas: Lurex Wonder

The rule, "if you have not worn it in 2 years then you will never wear it again. Throw it out." absolutely does not apply to me.

It is probably why my closet is bursting at the seams, but I am fashion collector. Though, I pass on this advice to my readers who are doing some closet spring cleaning: if you still like it, it's in good condition, it's not age specific, but are just tired of it - store it in the back of your closet for a year or two and you will be surprised how quickly fashion is recycled these days.

This is a dress I bought in NY when I was 18 years old (that was over a decade ago). It's a gauzy number from one of those West Village Head Shops. It's a summer dress as it is thin and sleeveless, but, with a long sleeved shirt and tights, I made it cold weather appropriate.

What's Old is New Again.
Dress (old find in my closet) \\ Gold Top J.Crew // Red Tights Ebay \\ Dolce Vita Boots //
cobblestone street