Outfit Ideas: For Baby Bumps

maternity clothes

Showing off your best asset (the bump) when you are expecting, can be a challenge for many reasons. Hence, even though I do not have personal experience in this area, today's post is for all of the questions I have received wondering how to still look put together when one's body morphs into a new silhouette.

I consulted a few ladies who have been through the process and did some on the ground research with my friend Ali, who is expecting, at one of her favorite hip Maternity Boutiques in Brooklyn, Bump.

maternity clothes
Wow!! A Maternity Romper - Now that is Stylish. This is from the brand Fragile
maternity clothes
maternity clothes
baby bumpThis was our favorite dress. A witty stork print & fun summer look from Maternal America. It's fitting for a casual work day and nice for weekend get-togethers.We also realized color blocking & belts are key to showing off your lovely new shape and avoid looking HUGE.

Here is the (skinny) on what to purchase during these precious months and how to wear it.

Go Inexpensive: These pieces are not classic pieces that will stick around in your wardrobe for long, so the bulk of this new look should not cost so much. Unless you have tons of money to throw around (and if you do, you really should not spend it all on yourself).
These retailers we all know have cute inexpensive maternity lines: Target by Liz Lange, the Gap & Old Navy

Stretch your budget & you pants: with Bellaband (from bump) It will turn your fav jeans and pants into maternity jeans.
Items that make you feel special: While the basics are great, from above mentioned stores, now and then you will need a finer item for a special occasion or just to have fun shopping at a boutique again! Bump carries all of the chic labels in Maternity wear: Ripe Limited, Maternity America, Fragile & Michael Stars, just to name a few.  The pictures really say the rest.chew beads necklace
The Statement Necklace: The outfits do not need to be overly complicated. Words of wisdom from Ali:  Pants, A tank, A cardigan and.... A Statement Necklace.  Now this is where you can spend you money too since it will last longer than a pregnancy. It also is a great focal point. Remember that - FOCAL POINTS.
chew beads necklace baby
These are called Chew Beads - They are "mommy chic & baby Safe. Available at Bump

maternity dress
 Ali:   "Hey Jenée, this is so your style. Too bad it's a Maternity dress"

Jenée:  "Oh hold on - there is a strap-on Baby Bump in the dressing room. Now I can finally have some fun on this shopping excursion!!!!

great gatsby dress
I love this 20's inspired Great Gatsby Dress

pregnant clothes
Somehow I imagine this is what pregnancy is going to be like..... when that time comes.
For my expecting readers, I hope this gives you some outfit inspiration.

Any Advice?  What did/do do you love to wear when expecting? Leave a comment to share with everyone - secrets revealed.