Mixers: Old Fashioned - not just for Old Farts

old fashioned, bourbon, green galow
Recently I had a blind date. Well I knew the person. but she kept the restaurant a well hidden secret. After a hike to Manhattan's west side, through a guest list check point, & a strange ride in an elevator, we arrived at one of New York's best kept rooftop restaurant secrets. Without going on about it or giving too much away - it's a magical place, sorta of fairy tale-ish.

The only part that was normal about this place was the now requisite fancy, mixologist cocktail list.  Yet, this night, we opted for an old favorite - the Old Fashioned.

Perhaps being Southern makes it possible to drink Bourbon all year long (hot toddies in the winter and mint juleps in the summer). Long Live this Classic Cocktail. Try it this weekend, perhaps?

What you Need (per cocktail):
2 tsp Simple Syrup // 1 tsp Water // 2 dashes Angostura bitters // 1 large Ice cube or glass full // 1.5 oz Bourbon whiskey // 1 slice Orange // 1 Maraschino Cherry

How to Make it:
Place orange in class with Cherry // Give a little muddle // Add bitters // Add Ice // Pour in bourbon & simple Syrup // Add Water // Give a Stir // Sip & tell Stories

old fashioned, bourbon, green galow

Any amendments to this recipe??? or Stories to Swap???
BTW, normally I would gush about a new place that I love, but I honestly love it that much that I don't want to spoil it (for myself:) Though, if you are so inclined to know, ask and I might reveal this gem if you ask nicely. It's really something special.