Charlie Bird Has Style


Charlie Parker - Put a Bird on It
Vintage Blazers over pretty printed Dresses
One of the most talked about restaurant openings in New York this week was that of Charlie Bird. While I normally do not keep restaurant openings on my radar (unless it's a new Cajun restaurant in New York), this one was on my mind because I got to play a small part in styling it.  To my delight, the general manager and a good friend of mine, asked me to revamp her wardrobe for this new job. This place was going to be fresh & hip, and she wanted to make sure her personal appearance spoke the same language.

The styling project began by thinking of Charlie Parker, of course. At first I imagined Black & White which no doubt is because many images of early jazz were only in Black & White photography giving it an air of sophistication. Then when I thought of my favorite Charlie Parker Album, "South of the Border", it's incredibly vibrant music. Honestly, Jazz is much more psychedelic than many may realize. Thus, the image of the look took Sophisticated Black & White and added Bold Colors and Patterns that inject the look like a high note.  

Much of the color was inspired by the album covers themselves.

Charlie Parker - Stripey Bass
Yellow, Pink and Black with stripes and a Statement Necklace

Charlie Parker - Paint Me Up
Painterly Long Skirt with a T-shirt and Gold Boots / Stripes and Tuxedo pants

Charlie Parker - Ms. Meow

Form fitting in Animal with a Gold Heel Ballerina Flat

Charlie Parker - Pretty Birdie

Pearls atop Black & White with a flower garden growing at your feet

Charlie Parker - Big Bang Band
Tuxedo jacket with a dash of Jade and Blush tassels on the fee

Charlie Parker - Frills & Thrills
A little Flamenco inspired with touches of tribal patterns and beads, grounded by denim

Come back Next Week to see how the GM is pulling off her new look or just make a reservation at Charlie Bird and see for yourself!