Wedding: DIY Thank You Cards

 The Unconventional Thank You Note

According to the big book of Wedding Etiquette, newlyweds have one year to finish sending Thank You notes. Well, we are definitely pushing it to the end of etiquette. Yikes, just 2 more weeks to get those last thank yous out!

Ari and I made it a point to add many special handmade touches to the wedding, thus we could not stop at the Thank You notes. The conventional Thank You Note with "thank you" on the front and a polite note about how much we love our new gift on the inside is so... expected.  Armed with glue sticks, markers, stamps, left over wedding mags & Victoria Secret catalogs, we made each Thank You note personalized with collages and funny jokes (sometimes forgetting to even mention the present).

It was really fun to do together - I highly suggest it. It will only take 10X longer than writing a conventional Thank You note.

Step 1:    Have a list of all the Thank You notes due so they can be checked off
Step 2:   Buy plain white cards or any other light color like grey, écru or light blue
Step 3:   Go thru old magazines for pretty and funny pictures. It's a great use for all of the now 
                     useless wedding magazines you have laying around. Ari enjoyed using the US Weekly  
                     and Victoria Secret Catalogs for more "comical" cards.
                    To make it quicker: I cut out lots of interesting images. Once I had a pile of images         
                    I liked, I started to take my favorites and glue stick them to the face and inside of the  
                    cards. For lettering I used stamps, hand written words, and more magazine cut outs.

Step 4:   Pen your thank you note & Stick in Envelope. You can glue more pictures to the outside
                     closure for more fun.

Step 5:  Wait for all of the responses. These are Thank you notes your loved ones will not forget.