Wedding: DIY PhotoBooth Wall


wedding photo wall
The Best Man and The Maid of Honor (our siblings)
wedding photo booth
End of the Night - Very sweaty and still having Fun - Bride, Dad, Groom & Mom
For our wedding last April, my parents had the task of constructing a Photo Booth Wall. I think they hated doing it as there were no instructions - just an idea. But the end result was very much worth it. The idea was to make a free standing wall that could be positioned near the entrance of the reception where guests could stop to have their photo taken. The wall would have 2 cut outs, framed, to give the illusion that the person standing in the cut out was a picture on the wall. The wall would be enhanced with family photos, especially those of past weddings.

men with frames
This is how it started. Dad & Ari and 2 lone frames
[green paint chip]
benjamin moore paint
A page from my Wedding Inspiration book: Prairie Green from Benjamin Moore used to paint wall
The Photo Booth wall served several purposes:
# 1 It was a chance to capture all of our guests in a photograph

# 2 It provided a bit of entertainment to guests considering they are not camera shy

# 3 Most importantly - It paid homage to our family members that could not be with us on that day since we used it to display photographs of our grandparents weddings and other vintage family photos.
great grandmother with grandchildren
Ari's Great Grandmother with grandchildren
My Grandparents Wedding Day

wedding photo booth wall
Uncle David and Taunt Verna {Why are we doing this?}
wedding photo booth wall
Laura {i'm dying to hve a wedding!!}                   Ali {mustaches look good on me?}
wedding photo booth wall
Barbara {why did the bride lick the groom's finger at the ceremony?}           Ferdie {it was the only way to get the ring on.}
wedding photo booth wall
Bri {who is this guy?}               Jon {where's the crawfish?! I'm hungry}
wedding photo booth wall
The Langleys {we need one of these at our house}
wedding photo booth wall
Ely {you ready to do this in a few months?}                     Carolyn {what do you think?}
jessica stelly amy himel gomez chris naquin wedding photo booth wall
Jessica & Amy {oh no, we got photo bombed!}
wedding photo booth wall
Nate & Lynne {damn we are cocktail fabulous}           The Dads {hell yeah}
wedding photo booth wall
Chris {this is fun}         Mimi First {after this cocktail we are getting out of here and driving down a freaky country road}
wedding photo booth wall cute boys
Bobby {what did I miss? I was asleep}   Marvin & Robbie {daiquiris drive thrus are always a good idea}
wedding photo booth wall
Richie & Alex {do you remember how to get back to our log cabin?}    Colin & Gillian {why?}
wedding photo booth wall
Mel {...everytime I go out...}          Matt { know I bring the dough out....}
wedding photo booth wall lloyd deedle deedle dees
Michael {where am I?}         Lloyd {this party is about to get crazy}
wedding photo booth wall cone heads
My cousins: The Cone Heads
wedding photo booth wall
Jon & DJ {we love playing dress up}
wedding photo booth wall
The Design Girls { we still rocked the best handbags evvvver }
wedding photo booth wall photo props
The Cha Cha girls {Mazel Tov Ya'll}
wedding photo booth wall
                                        Dad & Sean                                      Ricky & Amy {omg it's the photo bomber again!}

The next morning we continued to have fun at the picture wall
wedding photo booth wall
Newlyweds and Cups of Louisiana Coffee (Ari might be naked under that robe)
wedding photo booth wall
Dana & Moi avec Mustaches (the coffee is working)
wedding photo booth wall
Melanie, Ari and Matty

This idea would have never come to life with out some (a lot of) help from family & friends. Thanks Dad for figuring out how make this. Thanks Blake Huval, master builder for the finishing touches. Thanks Mom for getting all of the pictures on the wall. Thanks Jessica Stelly for the props and Thanks to my cousins at Frugé's Lumber in Eunice for the decorative wood.

IF you desire more info on constructing a wall like this or want to rent this one - contact me.