Styling: Teeny Bopper Birthday Party

birthday party outfit birthday outfit with balloons colorful birthday outfit

Birthday parties should never be a somber occasion - hence all the bright colors in this outfit. Remember my post from my last birthday?  Last weekend I went to my 9 year old friend's ice skating birthday party. Really, I'm a friend of her parents, but because we have so much in common, she has adopted me as her very own friend - not just a family friend. It's sweet, and she keeps me up to date with slang and new texting acronyms.

This outfit came out looking very Kate Spade. It was not the intention but it did not bother me. I love the Kate Spade image = Happy, Witty and Fun.

While nothing on me is from Kate, this is quite the High End/ Low End Look. This outfit has pieces from Saks 5th Ave to Forever 21.  Though, the best accessory when going to a birthday party is a Bouquet of Balloons. Remember this! It is sure to enhance your entrance at the party.

and now the bits & pieces:
Orange Top - Zara
Embroidered Necklace with Rhinestones - Calypso by Ambre Babzoe
Black Gucci Belt - Saks 5th Ave
Pink Pleated Skirt - Forever 21
Magenta Tights - H&M
Pink Suede Shoes with Gold Glitter heel - TopShop (but MuiMui inspired)
Bouquet of Balloons - Party supply store or Florist