Styling: Flowers on Cold Spring Days

In "the industry" (fashion that is) we call the early part of the year Transition. It's somewhere between Winter and Spring. It's a difficult time of year to dress stylishly because your mind is ready for spring but your body still needs protection from the cold. March is just the worst as winter seems to linger on even tho the Calender has officially proclaimed Spring has arrived.

Here's an Idea for this tricky time of year.

.....a look light in color and pattern for my spring state of mind
but with full coverage  for my Louisiana cold nature.

Floral Blouse is from Pilgrim in the East Village, NYC
Ivory Trousers are from J.Crew
Brown VNeck Sweater from Banana Republic
Taupe Wedge Boots from Dolce Vita
Metallic Jenna Handbag from Beirn

Pictures taken by my Dad :)