New Orleans Jazz Fest Essentials

Often I wish I were in Louisiana, especially on Sunday and especially during Festival Season. When I was 16 my dad brought me to my first Jazz Fest and I was hooked on the festival way of life. Quickly I learned the essentials: how to stake your spot at the best stage, how to make friends by bringing bubbles and how to always look "cool" in a very warm place like New Orleans.

Sun Protection is a must unless it's a rainy Louisiana day
this can be accomplished with a hat, shades and sunscreen

Your favorite tank top and a flowy skirt. 
I DO NOT recommend shorts. 
Skirts are so much more flattering than shorts when you are dancing.

Comfortable, Open Shoes and a Lightweight Bag to carry your water, music schedule, phone.....

Quirky Jewelry. It's New Orleans so you need something Strange on.

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