Food: EastOver Pickles


After the holidays all in a row (Passover & Easter), we had so many random ingredients left over. There was a ton of Dill left over from the Matzos Ball Soup, a dozen dyed Easter eggs and lots of vegetables. I needed to do something before they went bad.... Hence, I made pickles.

This is what started it all: Dill & Easter Eggs
Almost any vegetable is good pickled, well, if you like pickles
Fill Mason jars with Dill, Garlic Cloves, Whole egg and cut Veggies (clean out your fridge!!!)
Add brine: 1 part Vinegar to 1 part Water, some sea salt and sugar, Put lid on Jar, Stick it in the Fridge and wait 24 Hrs

Salt is definitely the new in taste lately, thus it's only natural that the pickle biz is taking off. Brooklyn churns out lots of artisanal pickles, but they are easy to make at home if you have canning jars laying around. I especially love McClure's Pickles. Making pickles with my grandmother is def one of my early kitchen memories. In the summer there were always so many extra cucumbers laying around since everyone in our small Louisiana town had gardens. Her cooking was amazing, her cakes lopsided and her pickles totally soft. Though, I loved her pickles anyway, as they were always extra sour.