First Chair Dance in Acadiana

It's C'est Fou Saturday and this Video still makes me laugh a year later. 

I have no hard evidence to prove it, but this might be the first time this wedding ritual was ever performed in Eunice, Louisiana. At our Cajun Jewish Wedding we did it all.

Just before the Chair Dance we took part in a Cajun tradition, the Money dance which is where guests pin money on you to take you for a spin on the dance floor. It's really a great way to get a dance in with most of your guests in a short time. Now the Chair dance is certainly entertaining for all as you hold on for dear life and try your best to have fun up in the air while possibly drunk friends bob you up and down. The chairs were also sentimental and somewhat a fashion statement. They were the chairs of my great grandfather: Wooden body with real cow hide seat covers. He was really from the country.

Watching Ari's face is the best. I never see him very scared but here he is quite frightened at times.