Bag of the Day: Trippy Bunnies

Confident, Vintage and Outlandish

This one is a bit sacrilege, but style and fashion are not always rational.  When I think of Easter, I think of bunnies and pink. This bag does it!
Bag by Anthony Luciano - Master Handbag Craftsman 

A bag of this size and with this much fur takes CONFIDENCE to pull of. It is not for the meek-hearted.  The pearlized lucite frame is VINTAGE and every part of this bag is Handmade. In its pastel pink glory, it is the only accessory needed to turn a plain look into a perfectly OUTLANDISH one.

This is not a bag, but it is from Easter. Ari made the best personalized Easter egg for me. I love it! He made it with Chrome spray paint and block letter stamps. The letters are a little smudged after so much pocking.