Tradition: Burning the Chametz

Besides a great dinner party, Passover is a time to Burn the Chametz. Jewish Holidays are always a fun gathering of witty people and delish traditional foods, but the symbolism of the celebration is what means the most to me. During Passover we clean out all of the chametz (bread) from our homes and burn the remnants. Of course, the meaning is bigger than just bread. We are ridding ourselves and our homes of unnecessary thoughts and negative possessions.

It's important to evolve just as your wardrobe evolves. I spend a lot of time talking about updating your shoes, bags and over all look, but one must evolve through self reflection as well.

This year we are looking forward to a very multicultural Passover - the family from Louisiana is coming up to New York for their first Passover Seder.

Our first Cajun Jewish Seder (we have a lot of practice at this kind of thing after our Cajun Jewish Wedding). 

Ari and I picked up all the necessary ingredients for the Passover Seder: Matzos, Gefilte Fish loaf, Kedem Grape Juice, Matzos Meal, ingredients for Koogle.... and much more.  I love the doilies they use the Fairway Market in the refrigerator section!!!!!

Now we just let the guests arrive and do the rest.