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This past autumn I picked out a pillow from print designer, Bonnie of Kaye Rachelle Designs. I liked it because it looked like the season: barren, cold and dark. But as Spring slowly arrives in New York and I start to make small changes around our home, it did not seem to fit. It was just too somber to fit my new Spring State of Mind. So, I took out some of my vintage flower broaches and made flowers grow on the tree!

Welcome Spring and all it's warmth, longer days and flowers (even if you have to fake it a little).

The Bejeweled Bumble Bee is making a Beeline for the Flowers!

Normally I would have many more flower pins at my disposal, but I used the bulk of them for my wedding bouquet last year.  As you can see, there are many uses for broaches other than pinning them to your lapel. Keep your eyes open at thrift shops and yard sales for some of the best options at killer prices.

Broach Wedding Bouquet                                                      Spring Pins on Pillow