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When it comes to interior decorating, the bathroom is the one place you can confidently have fun with decor and color. While the rest of your house/ apartment can be a nice grown-ups abode, the room in your house with the toilet can stand a more amusing and vivid atmosphere.

Pictures of Lingerie or Pin-Up posters are great decor since this is where you are often caught in your undies anyway. LooPourie is one of my favorite bathroom products and looks pretty on LeToilet. Read more on website ;)

Brightly colored, Fabric, shower curtains add a softness to an otherwise porcelain hard room.

Graphic Bathmats that are nostalgic and fun to read add to the amusement. This one is from H&M's new home collection

Display your cosmetics. So much thought is put into the design and packaging of cosmetics and toiletries that there is no need to hide them in your medicine cabinet, unless you are a neat freak. On display, they are not only more easily accessible, but they add color and design to this little room.