Fashion Note: Thai Highland Style, even Tory Burch Approves

While we were in Thailand this winter, we found the colors and patterns of traditional Thai Himalayan textiles as intoxicating as a Mai Tai. It's hard to not be drawn to the vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Then you keep going back for more, just as you keep reaching for that bright and sweet Mai Tai.
 Note: Thai highlands are in the northern part of the country where the foothills of the Himalayas lie. 

At the Sunday Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, Ari and I found bits of Thai fashion we could not leave behind.

In a Vogue Thailand article, I discovered even Tory Burch could not help but to also be inspired by the rousing textiles and colors of the Thai Highlands. These are part of her Spring 2013 Collection.
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