FASHION NOTE: Bag(s) of the Day

The perfect travel companions (not counting Ari) are my Longchamp Tote & Backpack
Because the are: Packable, Light weight, Secure,  Comfortable, Ready for Adventure & Waterproof
Oh, and Stylish
Tote in Thailand at the market

Backpack bikes with me to Yoga Retreat

Let's think of some travel scenarios that make these perfect:

Carry-on Luggage
The tote is large and roomy for all of your carry on items with a zipper closure so nothing will fall out overhead.

Packable & Light Weight
If you do not wish to use it as a carry-on, it folds down super compact to pack inside your luggage. Thus, it can be used to fill up with all of the crap you will acquire on the trip.

Secure & Comfortable
While I actually feel totally safe with a big open tote on a New York city street, I do not feel safe with an open bag in new cities (especially big crowed Asian open-air markets). 

Again, when I do find myself exploring eclectic open air markets, I need a comfortable bag that will keep my hands free to dig through trinkets and textiles. In this case I'm very happy to have a bag that comfortable fits over my shoulder.

Weekend bag
Sometimes during our travels we have taken overnight or weekend excursions from our base city. The tote is perfect for this short trip so that I do not have lug my entire suit case around.

With the versatility of a back pack, I'm ready for just about any adventure that arises on the trip. It's sufficient for small hikes, biking, etc

and when you are on that adventure - it's ok if it starts to rain on you because they have waterproof lining!!!!  It saved us once during a very very rainy bike ride in the country outside of Amsterdam.

These bags are iconic Longchamp styles that have survived the decades. They epitomize French chic style in that effortless way French woman know how to pull off. It might be simple, but it makes a statement.

Left: Weekend get-a-way to Antwerp from Amsterdam (just engaged)  Right: A bike ride in Holland on a very rainy day