FEATURED HANDBAG: Marc by Marc Jacobs Clearly ColorBlocked

Transparent,  Exposed, & Socially Networked

It's clear - the see-thru plastic handbag trend has arrived. It's easy to understand why this trend is now finally catching on - hello social media. Rarely does anyone have secrets that the world does not know.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs transparent, shoulder bag is today's Featured Bag.
It's on trend (or à la mode) and unique with it's interior organization. I wish I had come up with it myself.

Plastic Transparent bags have been showing up every where. Actually, every Spring the token Plastic bag makes it's appearance for the season, but I would say it never really "catches on". Bags hold very private belongings and it's uncomfortable to expose yourself in this manner.

This season, though, there are more of them than normal, which leads me to believe:  
We might finally be ready to accept the See-Thru bag, as we accept Social Media to be the norm.  As we now share our most intimate thoughts and moments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.... why not expose all of the nonsense in our handbags too.

The most popular are beach style totes and clutches made famous by Charlotte Olympia.

Here are more that I think are fun!

It's Clear to See