Art for Our Generation: Stickers!

Over the weekend 2NonBlondes (I'm one of the NonBlondes) took part in Scoping out the
Art Scene in NY as the city was filled with art fairs.
It was like fashion week for art: all the best stuff (and not so best stuff) was on display, the art elite were out looking cool and the insiders were attending invite only parties.

Many pieces were my favorite piece, but the artwork of Ye Hongxing left the biggest impression on me. At a glance the images are captivating, but looking at it close up, the medium is what I cannot stop thinking about: STICKERS!

- Ye Hongxing & her work - Image source -

It made me nostalgic for the Sticker books of my childhood. It was yet another reminder that people of "our"/ "my" generation are now the Decision makers, the Makers in general. Perhaps Ye Hongxing had a sticker book as a child too.

The day after the show I read an article about the #womangirl and immediatly felt guilty for letting my childhood sticker obsession cloud my opinion of fine art. It begs the question about women in media being too girly.... and to that I say SO WHAT. Do what makes you most happy.
- Close up of Ye Hongxing sticker art - Image source -

I Love Stickers - I love to decorate envelopes and letters with them, I like to stick them in my refrigerator, I buy them every time I'm in Asia because they are the best there! and sometimes I just let them pile up in a box with other stickers.