Wedding: Barbie Hair

Decorated, Stunning, and Poofy

In other words, "There should be nothing plain about it."

It should not only match you, but should match the event. This is not an everyday affair, thus it does not call for everyday hair.
                                                                                                   Stylist, Sean James Decuers

This was a Kate Spade postcard that embodied much of what I wanted for our wedding: a sparkly fun event with green earrings and sleek poofy hair.
and the real thing: Sparkles, Fun, Feathers and Sleek Poofy Hair!

It is now known that I'm a big fan of accessories and it was hard to control the impulse to not keep adding hair adornments to my look. When I went to my hair stylist, Sean James Decuers, for the hair trial I was a little embarrassed to pull out not 1 but 2 veils AND a feathery rhinestone embellished hair clip.  But I should have known better than to be self conscious with him. He is my stylist for a reason! He loves over the top as much, if not more than me. He reassured me wedding hair should be special, done-up, and that hair accessories can only make it better. Shockingly, he even told me that cheap hair accessories can sometimes look the best. So I didn't feel so bad about my inexpensive ebay finds.
Long Veil from SposaBella in NYC, Birdcage Veil and Feather clip from Ebay, Amy Himel of Lady Red Makeup
Wedding Planning Lesson: Getting the Hair right
Getting your look together involves many aspects and one of the equally important parts is the hair. If you don't already know exactly what you want, start the way all great designers start: look at pictures for inspiration. You will know it's right when an image stops you. You can pic the parts you like and leave the rest behind. It will be much easier to translate your desires to your stylist through pictures than your most likely very poor hair style vocabulary.  Even with all of my pictures it took a few rounds of me saying "nah - higher here, sleeker here" and then he got it.

He said, "Ohhhh, You want Barbie Hair." I exclaimed, "Yes!!!"

 Here is Sean (the most amazing hair stylist ever!!!) putting the finishing touches on. He made sure my veil was at the perfect length and that everything else was perfect too. He has amazing taste himself but knows how to read your taste, as well. Thus, he is able to give you what is not only fashionable for the moment, but also comfortable for your flair boundaries. 
The Process

These were the looks that stopped me and made me say "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh"
I cut them out and pasted them to my wedding planning journal for easy reference.

The Final Outcome - Perfectly Stunning and Poofy Barbie Hair

Wind Blowing at just the right time

Told Dad a joke that he doesn't quite get

The back view.... of the hair do

The Hair on Stage

The feathers are so perfect for dancing. Even if you are not graceful they add lightness to your steps.

Our first dance to "Be My Baby"