Mixers: Spiced Rye Whiskey

A Great Winter Tyme Spirit: Rye Whiskey with Warming Spices

In warm Thailand where I am now peeling a bit from a sunburn, I feel it necessary to post an appropriate Wintry story for my readers in cold New York! and any other cold place in February.

This drink is great all winter long, but I especially like it during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season because of the spices. Since it involves infusing, my recommendation is to make it right after Halloween so it is ready for Thanksgiving Aperitifs.

Start with Whole Spices
Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, All-Spice & Star of Anise
Amount Shown is for 2 bottles. A woman's palm full of each spice is sufficient for 2 bottles & 3 cinnamon sticks per botttle

Pour shot of Whiskey in Morning Coffee
To make room for the spices, a shot of whiskey needs to be poured out. I recommend making this in the morning as a shot of whiskey in coffee is a great way to start a Sunday. Otherwise, the whiskey can be shot alone.

Simply drop spice into a rye whiskey of your choice and screw cap back on.

Infusing is really easy. Just let sit on a shelf for 2 weeks. The hardest part is waiting.

Spirits make great gifts for the holidays, but are even better when they include a special home made touch. Make a label to gift to friends.

Enjoy Spiced Rye whiskey alone or in your favorite Whiskey Cocktail such as:
Hot Toddies
Old Fashioned
Irish Coffee

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