FOOD: Thai-Mex Kale

This recipe applies the staples of Thai tastes: Sour, Sweet, Salty & Spicy and essentially Guacamole making it:

Somewhere I read that Kale was the #1 food for 2012, but I really didn't need to read it to know it. Everyone was talking about it, it was on every menu and everyone was eating it.

Fresh Kale - Also makes a lovely Bouquet when bundled (hint hint new brides)
When a trend is this big, it has a bit of staying power (kinda like the skinny jean)
It's still going strong in 2013, which means to keep it interesting, one needs to find new ways to prepare it. Inspired by my new obsession with Thai flavors and the Avocados sitting in my kitchen, I made up a new Kale Salad.

Start by making the dressing
1. One Avocado in a bowl

2. Add Finely chopped Shallots to Avocado

Lemon Juice, Sriracha, Rice Vinegar
3. Add Lemon Juice (fresh preferred) for Sourness and Rice Vinegar for Sweetness

4. Mix ingredients to a smooth consistency and add Sriracha for Spice

5. Add torn pieces of Kale and mix to coat with Avocado dressing.
Here I added Cured Moroccan Olives for Saltiness
If there are no olives, just salt will do.

**Note: No measurements given bc dressings are like spice, adjust to your tolerance**

Kale Salad is a great Hearty, Winter Salad. Enjoy now as spring is just a month away!!!!