Fashion Note: Run Way Tresses

 A Lesson in Fashionable Manes

Some people would say, "Shoes make or break the outfit" But the other side of the outfit is equally important: The Do. The wrong hairstyle can send a look awry quickly.

I love still pretending all great Hair Dos include a dryer like this one and a whiskey cocktail at the Beauty Bar

Last week I did not spend the usual amount of time perusing NYFW runway looks, as I was in a far way place with no internet and worlds away from consumerism. Getting back to my New York self, slowly.

What I did take note of was some pretty gorgeous hair that was sent down the runways. Through my hair stylist, Sean James Decuers, I always get a back stage preview at his creations. Here are some shots you will not see anywhere else as they were taken by the creator himself.

Sit back and be inspired to be pretty.
Philosophy Fall 2013 NYFW
Philosophy: Playful & Girly are it's Staples
Philosophy Fall 2013 NYFW
Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 NYFW

Oscar: Always Pretty and Feminine and Adorned

Herrera Fall 2013 NYFW
Carolina Herrera: First Lady Trademark- Confident, Modern & Beautiful
Herrera Fall 2013 NYFW
DVF Fall 2013 NYFW
Diane Von Furstenberg  -  70's glamour done right for any decade

Michael Kors Fall 2013 NYFW

Michael Kors: Classic Classic Classic
Right down to it's sleek pony tail

Kors Fall 2013 NYFW

  The hair fashion is partly to make all of the models look the same so that it is the apparel and not the person which is the center of attention. Though, this is also the time to show the newest experimentations and ideas for hair in the coming season. What's even better is that you don't have to wait 6 months for it to hit stores!!! You can start to wear it immediately.

Sean not only messes with models tresses, but also does some lucky brides.
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