Fashion Note: Island Night Wear

NIGHT WEAR (not sleep wear): Seductive, Playful & Sparkly

As I finished dressing for our Friday night out "on the town" in Koh Chang, Thailand (a beach town), I exclaimed to Ari, "Isn't Fashion so much fun!" He laughed and said, "I love that you will always be a little girl." To that, I say: Whatever ;)

We were meeting up with friends to celebrate a birthday and see what the night life had to offer. After days of just living in a bathing suit and sarong, I was ready to put on a little mascara and pull together an appropriate Night Time outfit with my modest assortment of clothing packed.
  • I thought, little white shorts would be hot & sexy, thus covering the Seductive part.
  • For Jewelry I did the Playful arm party thing with multiple Friendship bracelets.  Also, a fluorescent bandeau under your slightly see-thru white shirt is totally: Playful Seductress.
  • Night is always the time to to put on shine since it's so dark outside! or in Da' Club. Rhinestones alone may be too much for an island, but when they are woven into an friendship bracelet style belt - they are a perfect Beach Nightwear Accessory.
  • Lastly, Accessorize with a Cute date
Tortoise Time-Will-Tell Watch, Friendship Bracelet Arm Party from Madewell, Sparkly Belt, Bright Purple leather bag

Sparkly Hand Woven Belt from Calypso, the ultimate Beach store in the City (NYC)

Fluorescent Pink Bandeau Bra from Jackie's in New Orleans

Hot Date

Let the Night Begin

Note: a perfectly normal day time outfit was transformed for night with a few small accessories. Good to remember when needing to pack light!