FASHION NOTE: Inside Clothes on the Outside

Lingerie, Pajamas and Aprons

Madonna made showing your Lingerie in public a fashion statement. From black bras under white shirts to sexy slip nighties as dresses, underwear became outer wear.  I'm sure other ladies before her exposed their undies in public, but not until the age of Madonna did popular culture follow suit.

Last year the Pajama pant was made popular by Prada and now we see everyone from the fashion set to The Gap set sporting silky men's printed, generously cut trousers, sometimes with matching tops.

After finding this apron while shopping for fabrics in Thailand,

I am bent on making the Apron the newest HouseWear worn Outside of the House.  It's way too pretty for cooking or to be confined to the kitchen, and it serves the function of adding pockets to any outfit! As much as I love pure aesthetic, I love utility.

I thought it would be fun to pair this Homemade Suzy Home maker accessory with
Chanel for the ultimate contrast.
Chanel Turtle Neck Sweater from Second Chance

 And then, just for kicks...
Kicks: Dolce Vita Bootie Wedges
What's hotter than flashing totally flattering Adriano Goldschmied pants

You can flash someone!!!!!

Now, for wearing your pink sponge rollers (which I adore for some kick ass banana curls) outside the house... Maybe 2014?  I'll have to consult Sean James about this hair trend.

Images above: Apron - My own/ Pajama / Madonna