Travel: Thailand- Where the Wild Things Are


This morning, thanks to jet lag, Ari and I were the first on the beach for a sunrise swim. Diving into the ocean to start the day is a dream I have often. The only thing that would have been better is doing it in the Buff! Perhaps tomorrow

While wading in the water, we were looking forward to coffee. Then I started to think how close we are to Sumatra and thinking about this part of the world's history. While this place is civilized, it's not what we Westerners have come to know as civilization. Certainly this rawness is the magnetism ( and sometimes repulsion) for western people.

Here it is WILD. It retains a closeness to Nature and embraces Rawness

Or as Ari told me, " A rabbi once said: we are here to spiritualize the material and materialize the spiritual. "

In addition, the nature makes the Wild and the Wild makes the nature. By Ari


girl with banana

girl bite banana