Travel: Last Day on Koh Chang, Thailand

Last day of blonde hair trying to dread
Last day to be ware of falling coconuts from above
Last day of Part I of our Thailand adventure

Our top recommendations for Koh Chang Island:

Accommodations : K.B. Resort on Kai Bae Beach.
It's ideal if a relaxing vacation is what you are after with a beautiful

Restaurants: Porn's Bunglaow
FYI, Porn is a common Thai nickname
The restaurant is on the beach with cushions to lie down on while u sip a drink of
wait for your food. There is even a tree house to sit in for dinner. My fav!

Magic Garden
The food is fantastic and the music is so cool. Our server had the coolest hair too
sorry no picture! They have accommodations too on a party beach if that is the
purpose of your trip

Transport on Island: Mr.Moon Motor bikes
It's across from KB resort. MrMoon is a super cool guy. For less than $10 a day one can rent a motor bike which is the best and most entertaining way to get around the island. The road is full of steep hills and twists and turns. It's definitely an adventure in itself.