Mixers: Too Many Kumquat Champagne

When Kumquats and other citrus are in great abundance this time of year, don't forget a killer pairing: Champagne and Kumquat Slivers

Having a Toast in Adrienne's Back Yard with Veuve & Kumquats

It was never apparent to me that Citrus is a winter time fruit until my Dad, the green thumb, started to grow Oranges, Grapefruits, Kumquats, Lemons, Limes and Satsumas (my favorite!)  I think the bright color and fresh smell made it seem like summer produce. Now I find it quite interesting that nature provides us with ample amounts of Vitamin C at the time of year we need it the most.
Thanks Mother Nature (and dad).

Since my dad's trees yield more fruit than we can ever eat or juice, I brought over loads to my friend Adrienne for a little trade. Adrienne is at the top of my list of Amazing Friends. She's like Martha Stewart but Cool. I find her to be like Ms. Stewart in that everything she does is Perfection, but she does it with loads of good jokes.

When we stopped over for a visit and a trade, she gave me jars of homemade pickled green beans (to only be used in Bloody Marys!!!) and broke out the Veuve Cliquot to toast our engagement. Afternoons at Adrienne's are always a delight.


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