Fashion Note: Favorite Golden Globe Dress 2013

If I had only one vote (which I am giving myself) to choose a favorite dress at the Golden Globes last night, it would be:

Anne Hathaway in CHANEL
She was like a crystal sugared lollipop (not to be confused with a confection, which would have been a more billowy dress)

Anne's Look:      Sweet yet Mature,        Flattering yet Flashy          and        undeniably Gorgeous

Anne Hathaway . Golden Globes 2013 . Chanel  (image source)

 Certainly there were many more noteworthy looks and great designs, but this one just made the best impression overall.

Last night Ari and I took a small break from trip planning to watch the Golden Globes ONLY because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting. Ari has always had a slight crush on Tina and I have a thing for witty people. We were not let down. As a bonus, I got to do a bit of fashion research and see what Hollywood is wearing....