Fashion Note: Bike like Armstrong, or at Least Look Good Doing it


Every top story this week is about Lance Armstrong.  I thought,” What do I have to say about Lance Armstrong??? “ While I don’t care to comment on: To Dope or Not to Dope OR Truths & Lies, I do care to comment on how cyclist fashion comes in many interesting categories.

The Cyclist Fashion Scale: Super Spandex to Super Cute

bike butt
Disclaimer - this is not me :(  You can flash your panties or just ride in them

lance armstrong bike
My Super Man. So Strong like ArmStrong  -- Biking in Holland
When I started biking with Ari around the city and startedto tell people I biked, I always made a point to mention that I’m not one of those “spandex” bikers.  Those guys are a whole different breed of bikers aka Lance Armstrong.  When I started biking in New York, I loved it because it was a great way to spend time with my very active boyfriend and opened up opportunities to add new articles to my wardrobe.

Other Couples who Bike in Style
wedding couple with bike
Bride & Groom borrowing our bikes in New Orleans French Quarter

pregnant girl on bike
Andrew and Emily (and Orion) in Amsterdam

spandex bike girl
Girls in Spandex Picture Gallery

 SPANDEX – I suppose it’s super aero dynamic if you’re in a super hurry.  If you’re not in ahurry but going on an extra long ride, I do recommend the bike shorts with the butt padding – sooo comfy

biking with legs in air

SHOW YOUR PANTIES – Sometimes you are wearing a skirt/dressand need to bike somewhere. I’m here to say, it’s ok to flash your panties. It’s actually pretty cute. In this case I suggest ones with ruffles on the bum. Thongs are not suggested as 1) they would not be comfortable and 2) you must have an impeccable derriere

bike with basket

PANNIERS – This is French for Basket. From this day on, the basket on your handlebars is not a basket, IT’S A PANNIER. This will hold your picnic or an extra pair of shoes – what ever the event orders.

biking in queens
Biking in Queens

Once you master New York City Biking, you may not be ready for the Tour De France, but you will be able to bike any city in the world. Getting to see a city by bike is the ultimate tour.  

kissing by bike
Biking in Amsterdam

jenee naquin and ari

Here we are biking in Amsterdam the day after getting engaged. This photo even made it to my favorite girl biking blog: Velojoy for their Valentines 2012 post on Bicycle Crushes

Happy Couples Bike Together
holding hands on bike by skate boarder boy
Biking/ Long Boarding in Bordeaux

So don your spandex or ruffle panties and see the world bybike.

If you are ever in Budapest, our friends run a fantastic bicycle rental. Bike Base

bike in french quarter
Biking in the New Orleans French Quarter