REFLECTING: Tucking your Memories, Hopes and Dreams into a single book

Every year, for many years, I have kept a journal/ scrapbook to record thoughts, trips and mementos. Since 1996 my mom started giving me a "Our Country Diary" at Christmas. It's Victorian drawings and poetry are perfect for the romantic at heart (like me). This might lead one to believe I'm more organized than I really am. What really happens 90% of the time is that all of the years mementos like movie tickets, invitations and birthday cards, go into a basket to be added to the book during the last week of the year before my new book arrives!

Though, this end of the year task has become a nostalgic project as it obliges me to sift through a year of my life (now our life) and .... Reflect on the past and dream of the Future year.

I highly recommend incorporating this project into your routine. Having the chance to see all that took place in a single year gives perspective.  I often imagine generations after me looking at these and getting to know what our daily lives were like. How much would I love to see my grandmothers' journals and scrapbooks from their early adulthood !!??!!

Any journal would work but I like the layout of this one. It can keep your mementos on the right days and has extra space for holidays. Unfortunately it does not have extra space for the new Jewish holidays I now celebrate, but adjustments can be made.

country diary
...good things to come...

country diary
Predictions for 2012. One came true.

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This is one of my favorite days in 2012: Bridal Shower and Barn Yard Bachelorette Party in Eunice, Louisiana
country year books
Just a portion of collection of journals over the years - Busting at the seams with memories!

country year books