Fashion Note: Chic Bike Parts

Bike Part Earrings: Reclaimed Fashion

My friend Gyorgyi operates a bicycle shop with her partner Imre in Budapest, Hungary during the summer months. In winter they close up shop and travel. It's now tradition to see them every Thanksgiving in New York. It's almost like we are family now.

They are always very generous with gifts from Hungary giving us a little taste of the culture until we finally visit one day. This year I was the recipient of handmade jewelry from Gyorgyi. She makes earring from discarded bicycle parts!!! As an urban biking enthusiast I love having pieces of bike with me even when I'm not cruising around.

So not only can this chic construct and deconstruct a bicycle, but she can turn some of it's less attractive parts into fashion for your ear lobes. Since Gyorgyi never does anything half way she even made really cool packaging.

Thank You Gyorgyi !!!!