Ari: Endless Heart

Fashion bloggers have had a difficult time finding the appropriate content to blog about post Sandy. How can we talk about our favorite shoes etc when others have lost everything. It's a time when simply having your life trumps having material possessions.

Ari and I barely felt the effects of the hurricane in our neighborhood which sits on high ground. For us, it was a day off from work to catch up on some reading and movies. Now that we know some of the real life terror that was happening at the same time we were making use of our Netflix subscription, we can hardly fathom the injustice. These past days as more tragedy presents itself we feel almost guilty constantly reporting "oh, we are fine. no flooding. power is on. everything is back to normal."

Today, Ari, with his boundless amounts of energy and endless heart rode his bike to Belle Harbour to offer some relief.
The last time we rode out bikes here was to celebrate the last weekend of summer.  When we went there I felt like we found one of the most special places in NY. It was only fitting to give back to this community that once brought us such joy.
The Bridge to Belle Harbour and Fort Tilden Beach

With his friend, Jon, they offered families a hand to clear out and clean up their homes. They came home with a new perspective of the storm, natural disasters, and their good fortune.

There is still so much to do.

This a portion of the boardwalk on this persons front lawn.

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