Mixers: Evolve or just get Drunk

Cocktails, I once read, were invented during Prohibition when homemade alcohol tasted so bad it needed to be masked with some kind of mix.

Image from a great source on cocktails

Like the ever changing styles on the catwalk & sidewalk, cocktails go in and out of fashion.

For Instance: ordering a Cosmo will definitely show your age. The Cosmo was chic circa The Sex and the City years. Now it's just passé. Though in about 20 years when SATC is retro, The Cosmo is sure to make a comeback just as the Moscow Mule has. 

No explanation necessary

Just as new seasons require new looks, parties and gathering need inventive cocktails to mark the occasion. As much as I love combining articles in my closet to invent a new outfit for every occasion, I love combining ingredients that are rarely found on cocktail lists.

This is truly the epitome of "down to the last detail".

Hence this brings me to a new recurring topic on the blog called: Mixers
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Drink up and be inspired.