Fashion Note: Bazaar World

Robin's Bazaar Style: 

Chloe Sevigny, Indie Film Set, Primary Paint

In a small town like the one I'm from, the annual church Bazaar is the place to see and be seen. I remember saving my coolest outfits for that weekend being careful not to waste them during the week at school. The weekend was occupied by cruising for boys, spending all of my money on shrimp kabobs, and playing my favorite game: bingo.

Last weekend my sister texted pictures to me of our young friend Robin at the bazaar. I'm not sure if she spent all weekend thinking about her outfit as I once did, but in any case, I was in love with her look. She looked like she was styled to be on the set of some cool indie movie. There was an essence of Chloe Sevigny (darling of indie movies) in her appearance and  nonchalant attitude.

I love how her moodiness plays off the cheerful primary colors of her ensemblel. She illustrates perfectly how opposite ideas on one palette create a dynamic finish.

Thanks Robin for inspiring this Fashion Cliff Note!!!!!!  Wish we could split that candy apple!