Modesty - A Task for the Modern Girl

                       "When a cocktail dress is not appropriate for this New Year Party"

My life with Ari is constantly bringing adventure. During the holidays the adventure is finding the right outfit for Rosh Hashana when much of my wardrobe is not .... modest.

Ari's grandmother offers just as much entertainment as Ari. She is a real ole Brooklyn gal who once told a purse snatcher that he must be out of his mind if he thought he was getting her pocket book. End of story.

In the early days of our relationship I was invited to spend the holiday with some of Ari's conservative family. His grandmother was nervous about what I would wear. I'm sure Kate Middleton had very similar experiences in the beginning when dressing for occasions with the Queen. Ari's grandmother's polite way of saying it was to tell Ari, " I know Jenée likes to dress fashionably, but make sure her knees are covered, her elbows are covered, and you know, other things are covered." I thought it was a pretty funny way to put it.

Fast forward to many holidays later....

This year we arrived back in New York on the eve of the high holy days from traveling to the west coast. I had no time to think about my demure outfit. Thankfully the skirt I bought at Leanna NYC in Portland fit the conservative scale and was totally fashionable to make ME feel comfortable.  Thanks Lea.