Miracle Dinner - Eastern European Theme

One of life's greatest challenges is making dinner with no food at home.
Now THIS takes creativity (or a miracle).

After being away on the west coast for the past week, there are no fresh groceries in the house.

So tonight I made an Eastern European themed dinner (everything canned and jarred)

Today Ari actually did pick up lettuce, though I'm not sure how you ONLY pick up lettuce....

This is where is starts
Next I opened a can of Tuna Fish

All summer I have tried to figure out what to do with this amazing Jalapeno Sauerkraut besides as a topper on hot dogs. It's actually really good mixed with Tuna fish.
Lemon is great on fish but of course I had no Lemons. Though, I did have this Lemon flavored vinegar from Vom Fass.  
A bit of Paprika seems to fit into this dish since it's in many Hungarian and Romanian dishes.
Voila - Easter European Tuna salad
More jarred goodness and random items from the fridge made for a sweet, savory & nutty beet salad

Topped with fresh ground pepper - Ta Da
Dinner for 2