Fashion Week: Stop Looking at my Eyes, Look at my Chest

It seems more common to watch the lengths of hemlines during fashion week. But I suppose with all of the pantless models lately, I'm finding the neckline more intriguing. Perhaps it's also because I'm part guy and find myself staring at the chest often. (Jill u know what I'm talking about)

The necklines on Zac Posen made me smile. It's important to be adventurous with design but feeling pretty in your fashion of the best feelings. Mr. Posen is rising to the ranks of Oscar de la Renta and Rogelio Valasquez: designers who know how to fit the best parts of a woman.

Other notable looks were the harness structure from Derek Lam and the Point d'esprit sheer space.

Marc Jacob plays dress up with Clown necks. It reminds me of my favorite satin clown costume when I was 5. It made appearances at Mardi Gras, Halloween, and every dress up party until I grew out of it.

Altuzara does a neck wrap certainly inspired by the sarong wrap of the islands.

Zac Posen
Altogether there are some unique new neck lines and others that intrigue nostalgia.
Zac Posen
Marc Jacobs
Zac Posen