Ari: Scuba Foot

Last weekend Ari found an old/ new pair of shoes in his closet. Apparently he got them on sale a long time ago (before I went shopping with him). At first I thought they were ridiculously strange but they grew on me in a way.

Reasons I can find to like them and categorize them as cool

1) Scuba look.
This fall the Scuba detail especially in jackets is trending. It's a sleek look and now it's on his sporty feet.

2) European.
While most high fashion and trends hails from Europe, there are def some "strange looks" ( see first impression of shoe). In new York it is usually easy to distinguish a European tourist by his shoes. Note: strange does not mean bad. It's just that my eye is not used to it yet. Anyway, I could live with those shoes walking next to me on our shopping trip to Soho since he looked like he might be from Europe. (no need to explain the American obsession/ love affair/ crush with Europeans)

3) Unique.
Having a style that is unique is always Respectable.