Adventure: Where the Cool People Are - Fort Tilden


Beach Bum, Bicycle Paradise

BIKE, BEACH, and with the ONE YOU LOVE

The summer of the recession in 2009 brought a new word to every one's vocabulary: STAY CATION
With unemployment at an all time high, taking a family vacation was not in the budget for most. Thus, the Stay Cation was born. People still need time away from work and a change of routine. But the expense of leaving town is not always necessary to achieve this mental break from the ordinary.

Labor Day Weekend was upon us and we had yet to make plans with such busy work schedules. . I mean really, we live in New York where everyone wants to Vacation anyway. Surly we could find something new and fun to entertain us.

So we opted for a "Stay Cation"

BEACH: Few think of Beaches when they think of New York City even tho Coney Island is famous. We kept hearing about how great Fort Tilden is so we set our sights on this unexplored beach 14 miles by bike from our house.

And the Day Starts here:
Ari is still in bed and greeted with a pot of Green Tea by his butler (that's me) in his suite at the Hotel Abooboo  (if you are unfamiliar with Hotel Abooboo see this post)

Note: The handmade, jade & orange pot holder is a wedding present from our friend "Pan Am' aka Emily Foelske
The zipper on my bathing suit did not want to stay up.... Nothing a FUN safety pin could not fix

There are great bike paths the entire way to Fort Tilden. Biking there is part of the adventure so Put Some Air is Those Tires

Still have not mastered the NO HANDS thing

Ari can perform almost any trick on his bike - NO HANDS, No Problem

 We felt like we were going to some Secret Spot. There was not a clear sign as to how to get to this part of the beach. While turned around trying to figure out how to get there, we spotted a biker going down this unmarked path... we followed him. In a few minutes we were in  

There were loads of bikes parked along the entrance, more bikes parked on the beach and only good looking, young, hip people.  Eek! I was not sure if we were cool enough !!!! But I did have on my monokini and Ari has a single speed bike soooooooo I think we were cool enough for this crowd.

Jenee: Hayden Harnett Monokini/ Ari: Uniqlo Tank ;)


Ari loves playing at the beach. He is the only person I know (over 10 years old) that does not enjoy sitting, sleeping, or reading on the beach. So he found all of these shells for me. They were like Russian Doll Shells.

Then he did his Signature Move: Bow Pose

This shell came with a hole perfect for turning it into some Beach Jewelry !!!!!!!!!
 Staycation...Successful !