Fashion Note: Summer Sales

Fleeting Summer Sunshine and End of Season Sales

Sunday evening I was sadly made aware of summer's eminent end as Ari and I got caught riding home on our bikes at 8:15 with no lights. That usual extra 15 minutes of daylight we began to count on starred to slip away earlier than expected. Since so much of summer is spent outside this transition is physically felt.

For a moment it made me sad that this fun season of Sailing, Surfing and Reggae is coming to an end. Then I thought ahead to September and got really excited that Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week are just around the corner!

But before jumping ahead of myself lets enjoy the last vestiges of the season with end of Summer Sales !!!!!!

...and for you listening pleasure: Hippie Chick by Soho

Verve on Bleeker has the best end of season sales. This is probably because they have some of the best handbags and shoes to start with. Just in time for one more month of warm weather and exposed toes, I found these:

I describe them as HIPPIE CHICK:

  • Natural colored suede will always be a little HIPPIE. If fringes are attached then it would be a lot a hippie.
  • But with a stacked heel and perfectly placed cut outs, this suede is chic.
Oh and I have to call out the Velcro closure.
 Love it! 
It makes them functional,  and fun. 
If u grew up in the 80 s you probably have a big affection for Velcro, like me.
In the case of these shoes it, the hidden Velcro, retains the clean lines without an unnecessary buckle.

Thank you Verve for a last bit of fun summer shopping.