Fashion Note: Sailing Style, Part III

Sailing Style: Nautical 

The Hudson at Sunset

It seems like every summer one of the summer trends is always: Nautical
With all of the fun that happens on or near the water in this season, how could a nautical look not make into the top 5 trends?
Nautical style:
1) Stripes - think pirates
2) Red and Blue - not sure why
3) Ropes, Anchors and other things found on a sailboat

See the Stylist for more photos of Nautical Style


This summer I took my dad out for a sail on one of our club boats. My #1 sailing partner (and fellow Louisiana gal) Wendy, was there for the fun and the most beautiful sunset of Summer 2012

Rigging the boat is the first part of the sail

At the Helm with my favorite skipper, Mac.  There is always a slightly nervous look on my face when I'm at the helm

and now Wendy at the Helm. That look could get us into trouble...

Dad enjoying the breeze and the view

This is a great shot my dad took of the Main Sail

Wendy correcting a know on the Jib mid sail with the grace of a ballerina

Me and #1 sailing partner, Wendy

Nautical colors: Red, Blue with a splash of Yellow