Fashion Note: Sailing Kitsch


Pancakes for breakfast (and sometimes for dinner) are a near perfect food.
In Phoenicia, New York, Sweet Sues is the only place to get them, but they are the best. So we don't mind the monopoly.

But this is about Fashion not about Food.

Entering the cafe we were greeted by this hostess wearing the coolest, Sailor Kitch, sundress. My friend, Gillian commented, "Love your dress" to which she replied, "Thanks, I got it at JCPenney. Can you believe it?!".

JCPenney is on a mission to become America's Favorite Store (and a more fashionable one at that), so I can believe it. It was from their American Living collection and brought the perfect dose of Sailing Nostalgia to this little mountain town.

art, objects or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, BUT SOMETIMES APPRECIATED IN AN IRONIC OR KNOWING WAY

Jasmin Norwood takes a moment to pose for me

Now for the pancakes.... i'm not sure how many varieties there are on the menu, but i'm guessing about 20. This is how much we ordered and this is how much we love them.

Food is better when people feed it to you. The less effort the better