Mixers: Sake Float

Birthday: Yusack's Art Opening
Summer 2012

My friend Elyse and I threw an art opening for an amazing Japanese painter, Yusack. It was his U.S. Premiere!

As we know by now we can all expect free wine at art openings. It's so been there done that. Boooooooring.

So I wanted to create something that said:
 "Japan comes to America" in a cup.

The Sake Float was born.
Sake = Japan               Float = America

We first taste tested it at my house with different ice creams and sake / proseco proportions.

Then it was ready for its debut on a rooftop in Brooklyn to greet all of Yusack's fans.

To View Yusack's art visit 2nonBlondes

The Essentials
Yusack Approves of the Concoction

Rooftop Art Show