is especially Fashionable when worn on your WRIST 

Today my co-worker and I received the most serendipitous packages. 
Her's was a box of Friendship bracelets (yes the old fashion kind)
and mine a stack of Postcards for the wedding that say "With a Little Help from our Friends"
 For our Guest Book at the wedding we came upon a great idea. 
Guests can write messages on postcards instead of putting their signature in a book that we probably would never look at.
offers these great postcards that look like airmail and have a most appropriate message.
Our shared love of the Beatles made getting these cards an easy decision
The plan is:
1) Guests write sweet messages to us on the postcard as they enter the reception
2) Drop it in a fake mailbox at the party
3) My mom drops a few at a time in a real mailbox over the course of the year
4) Ari and I get to draw out the warmth of having all of our closest Friends & Family around us on such an important occasion every time we receive another postcard
and this is the inspiration for the post cards.... and so much more