3 Steps to Minimalism

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Living a more simple, minimal lifestyle is possibly derived from a higher consciousness kicking in. It is also likely that a lack of closet space and small child present me with fewer options to be opulent in my daily dress code. Whether a sign of the times, or a niche set of circumstances, “A Capsule Wardrobe” is a necessity.

The hottest commodity in life, still, is time. It turns out that the more things we have, the less time we have. Time is spent arranging, cleaning, cleaning-out and repairing those things, so choose them wisely.

A life spent amassing a wardrobe for every occasion, to the point that I could style a photoshoot with my closet alone, left me in huge lurch once I painstakingly discovered the lack of time available to get dressed as a new mom. With no time to sift through an overstuffed closet nor time to try on more than one outfit to get it right, I needed to optimize my wardrobe for performance, style and longevity.  Hence I figured out how to be a minimalist and a capsule wardrobe ensued.

3 Steps to a capsule wardrobe that does not sacrifice style: De-Clutter, Prioritize and Shop

De-clutter: The ole closet clean out, images of Marie Kondo might come to mind. Whatever gets you going, start cleaning.

  1. Rid you wardrobe of items that are permanently stained. Donate those that don’t fit your lifestyle, complexion, or body, and those that you always hated.

  2. Items that could fit better with some tailoring, should make it to the tailor.

  3. Pieces that you must keep for sentimental purposes but don’t wear, put in storage.

Prioritize: You will not wear what you cannot see. Arrange accordingly.

  1. Categorize wardrobe by season. The current season stays in sight. Other seasons go to back of closet or in storage. All-season pieces stay.

  2. Arrange pieces in order by: coats, jackets, cardigans, special occasion dresses, everyday dresses, jumpsuits, pants, jeans, skirts, tanks, vests, Ts, long sleeves, turtlenecks, button ups. Sweaters are folded.

  3. Depending on your lifestyle, special occasion/ trendy items can have their own section as the goal is the have easy, everyday items close at hand. Special occasion dressing assumes you have a few more minutes anyway to pull yourself together, so you can reach a little farther into your closet.

Shop: After the decluttering and prioritizing you may find you have some gaps to fill. When starting fresh consider pieces that are classics and well made, for longevity.

  1. Understated is a good thing. You want items that could be worn 3 days in a row and no one would notice; think packing in a carry-on for a month. Stay away from loud prints. Stripes are Ok. Save the flashy details for accessories.

  2. Create a tight, basic color palette that works for you. This will usually include: shades of black, white, grey, navy and a pop color. Make that pop color your signature color like a blush pink, poppy red or peacock blue.

  3. Since you will be buying less, choose quality brands that will last more than a few seasons.  

After this exercise getting dressed can be fun and empowering again, with time to spare. Minimalism does not have to be boring, but it does have to be streamlined, and that is kind of exciting and liberating.

*For a personal style consultation and help building your capsule wardrobe, I’m here for you. You know how to reach me. xoxo Jenée