Are you ready for take off? Tray tables locked, seats up, belts fastened and your toddler quietly, pleasantly sitting in his seat not kicking the person in front of him.

That whole “getting there is half the fun” was clearly not about getting there with a toddler. I highly recommend pursuing your travel goals with children, but it will take a little more prep work to have “a quarter of the fun” getting there.

To get you all there and back with as few meltdowns as possible, consider these five tips

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Made with Love, Not the Baby's College Fund

baby's first birthday cake

All birthdays deserve to be celebrated.  A lot of emphasis is placed on the first birthday, yet it seems unnecessary to expend the time and money Pinterest might guilt you into. When planning the celebration keep in mind the purpose: a fun day for the birthday baby AND to recognizing how much the parents have grown in one year too. While it's tempting to dip into the baby's college fund to throw a party they will never forget (haha), there are a few party tricks that can save a small fortune & time without sacrificing the important aspects.


By now the 1 year old probably has a favorite interest or object. This is a good starting place for a theme. Remember, this needs to be a "fun day for the birthday baby". In our case, Noam loved ducks so Rubber Duckies was the theme of his party - his first word was "QUACK QUACK"!!  Using a bright color(s) as a theme is also great for children.


Who wants a closet full of cheap decorations after a party, and who has the time to make a bunch of expensive, time consuming ones? The Answer: Balloons! Children adore them, they fill up the space making even the drabbest room cheerful and they only cost about $1 a piece once filled with helium. Balloons also do double duty as a take home present for all the guests.

Other decorative items worth your while: Flowers, a Table Cloth, and a beautiful center piece Birthday Cake


Keeping the baby in mind - as tempting as it is to invite a crowd - consider a few tiny friends with whom the baby likes to play and invite those families. This way it's truly a party for the baby to have some fun.


Sticking to a theme for the menu will help to not get carried away. Themes could include Cooking style like BBQ or Regional fair like Mexican or Meal Based like brunch. Again, in trying to keep things manageable, serve finger foods that kids love and adults find novel.

With a party at 1 in the afternoon and a yellow theme, Brunch style food was appropriate. We served Deviled Eggs, Bites of Grilled Sausage, Tator Tots, Terra Vegetable Chips and Scones with Lemon Curd.  Oh, and PARTY PUNCH is a must. We needed something Yellow which is why I made a French 75 punch. This was a serious hit. I floated mini rubber duckies in the punch for a bit of humor. *The rubber duckies were also take home presents for the guests.  Other beverages included Lemon Water, Orange Juice and Hot Black Tea.


As this is a great milestone and everyone in attendance is there to celebrate it, this is a perfect opportunity to share pictures or videos of the last year. Displaying pictures in frames, on a banner or even rotating digital frame are all good options. We made a video compilation of photos we took of him every week. The 10 minute video was premiered at his birthday with our friend's and family around.

To add to this video collection, we bought him a Junior Chesty for his birthday so that he could wear our GoPro Camera and begin to make his own videos. Wearing this, he recorded much of his own birthday party. I think in years to come, when the memories of his 1st birthday are a little fuzzy, he can watch this GoPro video and see exactly what he did from his perspective.




Babyspoon_elegant baby_ first meal_ babyfoodie

There is a lot to catch up on here at Jenée Sais Quoi as Baby Noam is already almost 6 months old ! 

This first post after maternity leave covers a big event: Noam's first solid food! 

Over the years I have enjoyed writing about seasonal and celebratory



homegrown recipes

and entertaining with

Cajun food

in NYC. So of course, for me, Noam's first meal would be monumental. 

This project meant more than just cooking food for my son. It was about setting the tone for a lifetime of healthy and adventurous eating. I even called a friend in San Francisco,


, a foodie and

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

, for her thoughts on this big event.

As I contemplated it, bought it, and prepared it, I thought about the bigger conversation going on concerning food in this country right now such as: 

- Having a conscious about from where our food comes

- The injustice of poor neighborhoods not having access to healthy, fresh foods 

- and

treating food as medicine. 

I wanted all of this to be considered and passed on through the food.

Our pediatrician recommended that we skip over the rice cereal and go straight to complex recipes. Whatever we eat, he can eat. This new way of feeding babies in America is thought to lessen food allergies and picky eaters- I'm a big fan of that. 

I started the meal at the

Prospect Park Farmers Market

. I decided whatever was organic, local and in season would be his first vegetable. There was a small stand with carefully placed bunches of veggies in wooden crates that looked inviting. Since I was not one of the early shoppers, the pickings were slim. Yet, this bunch of White Japanese Turnips looked like a beautiful first meal and Farmer Greg posed for a picture so that Noam can see who grew his first meal. 

japanese radish_ farmers market_ brooklyn_ babyfood

Willow Wisp Organic Farm Stand 

japanese radish_ farmers market_ brooklyn_ babyfood

I considered just boiling them because it was still unfathomable that a baby could handle more than one ingredient at a time. But I decided to go all out and make this recipe from


. Luckily I had all the ingredients laying around. With tons of love, I prepared

Miso Japanese Turnips

. I even served it in little tea cups I acquired during a trip to Japan many years ago. Then I unwrapped a special spoon sent to him by my friend Tiffany. We shared this food on a Sunday - Mom, Dad & Noam - a perfect day for our family's first meal together. 

japanese turnip_ babyfood_miso recipe

baby mush on bottom

As for Noam's opinion on his seasonal, local, organic, miso Japanese turnips- he could not get enough!!!! He was even licking his tray!!! 

Hopefully the thoughtful choice for my son is the beginning of a healthy relationship to food, to his body and the world around him. 

May he always enjoy breaking bread with family and friends as it's one of life's best pleasures. 

Baby Products that helped make this a success: 

(not an endorsement - just a tip to help other moms) 

Bumbo Seat & Tray

- Great for babies that are almost ready to sit, but def ready to eat. 

BabySpoon by

Elegant ba


- It's cute, easy grip, just the right size, and BPA free


Even Bloggers Sometimes take a Break

Motherhood | Adventure

Don't worry - Jenée Sais Quoi is just taking a break

so mother and baby can bond. I highly recommend all new mothers take advantage of this time to slow down (though it will not feel like a break!!!). Use this time to stare at every adorable part of your quickly growing baby (do not stare at your phone!). Take the time to discover & enjoy his personality. Have dance parties for 2, dinner parties for 2 and steal as many kisses as you can.

Coming back soon with more insight on how to possess that (jenée) sais quoi.

In the meantime - follow on


for quick updates on what is going on




Last month I had the opportunity to work with the founders of


and photographer,

Jonica Moore.

  Myself and the bump were featured on a segment called Bump Envy!  - what would I wear???

I went with a sexy Rock & Roll approach.

This dress was something I picked up a few years ago when the Mullet dress made it's return.  It's funny how last year I was over it, but now it has a completely new shape with my expanding silhouette so it feels new to me. This tight number might even make a better maternity dress than non-maternity.

The black leather trim makes it edgy, especially with a bump. Paired with my new

Fiorintini + Baker

leather boots

I am ready to go to CBGBs. Oh wait - it's closed - Ill just stay home and put the Clash on instead. That way I can take naps in between dance sessions. 

Keys for Bump ala Rock & Roll - Fitted clothing, Black Leather, Boots, & Loads of Attitude. 

See Feature from

Well Rounded Here

Photos by

Jonica Moore